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    infinispan 6.0.2 jboss AS 7.1

    Robert Robertino Newbie

      Hello. I'm trying to use infinispan 6 with jboss AS 7, but I'm getting a no caching provider found. This is caused by an issue which I have observed repeatedly while using jboss.


      The classloader does not contain the JCachingProvider class nor any of the jboss packages. My manifest.mf looks as follows:

      Manifest-Version: 1.0

      Dependencies: org.infinispan.jcache:6.0


      And the module dependencies are properly set, quite similar to how infinispan 7 dependencies look like.

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          Robert Robertino Newbie

          I still haven't found a proper solution to the classloading issue.


          After studying infinispan 6 and the modules available, I have decided to trash everything and start anew with infinispan 7. It is clear from the bad documentation examples (code doesn't work), the very bad jboss module dependencies provided on infinispan.org (compared to infinispan 7) and the difference in javax cache api implementations that infinispan 6 was never meant to run according to jsr 107 specs on a jboss 7 server.


          I will take my chances with the beta version.

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            Sanne Grinovero Master

            Hi Robert,

            indeed we are not maintaining JBoss 7, it was renamed WildFly. Please download WildFly 8.1 : Downloads · WildFly . It comes with Infinispan 6 integrated, and next version is planned to have Infinispan 7.

            I wouldn't blame documentation for not working on older versions, but if you find examples aiming at WildFly usage please point us to the mistakes and we'll get them fixed.

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              Phillip Atkinson Newbie

              In my current project, I also wanted to use Inf 6.0. But I'm stuck with JBoss AS 7.1 so I was unable to upgrade to Wildfly to have it all integrated by experts. So instead I tried by myself to upgrade Inf inside JBoss and had all sorts of problems.


              Now, these problems were probably (definitely) self-inflicted, my own fault and lack of knowledge / experience. But I found that I could just use infinispan directly in my code and bypass the JBoss integration altogether. I included the few required jars in my war file (something like 7 of them), made sure there were no infinispan elements in my standalone.xml file, and put the infinispan / jgroups config files in the $JBOSS/standalone/configuration directory. Seems to work pretty well...