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    Drill down into subprocess from instance view

    Travis Zimmerman Newbie

      I have a parent process that calls a child subprocess.  When I view the parent instance in the Process Management -> Process Instances screen, I can see that the parent calls the child process.  There is a small "+" sign on the child process.  It looks like, if I click on the plus sign, it will allow me to see the child process.  However, I get an error message on the screen that says "Unable to find called process."  (See the attached screenshot).


      No errors are logged to server.log (with DEBUG logging turned on).  I am using JBPM 6.0.1.Final.


      Does anyone know why this does not work?  I need to be able to go to the child process from this screen, by clicking the "+" sign on the child.



      cannot find called process.png