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    Unable to run clustered configuration described on the wiki page (EAP 6.2) (Modeshape 3.8)

    Nick Cavallo Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to get a clustered modeshape configuration working on EAP 6.2.  As a starting point, I've used the confluence page @ Configuring ModeShape in EAP - ModeShape 3 - Project Documentation Editor, clustering section.


      After debugging the code, I've come to this conclusion:



      The wiki does not say you need a <transport> tag inside of your <cache-container> tag.  The jgroups stack and cluster name are specified in the <repository> tag of the modeshape subsystem config. 


      AbstractCacheConfigurationService does not like that.  It requires a transport tag.


      So, if I add a transport element to the cache-container, the cache is created successfully.  However, when ModeShape starts, it tries to reconnect to the channel, which doesn't work because the cache container itself is already connected by that point.


      I thought about changing the code to NOT create a new channel and just use the existing one, but that worries me because infinispan could possibly be sending messages as well.  I assume modeshape is only supposed to do that.


      Any ideas?