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    Data source tuning

    Neetha Lokanath Newbie

      hello all,


      We have been using jboss 4.2.3 GA for one our web applications. Recently we are facing issues with application very frequently..  some times, At the Data base end blockings are getting created and the connections are not released and we have to restart the jboss to start the application working.


      Wanted to know if is there any way we can tune this at Data soure level. in our -ds.xml file, there is no min pool size explicitly set (we know this is optional and The pool instance is automatically created when an initial request for a connection is made), Still wanted to know if we have to explicitly set in ds file something like <min-pool-size>20</min-pool-size> (Right now, this field is not present in the file). We have max pool sixe set to 200


      Also, is there any way we could avoid these blockings at DB level from the jboss/Data source configuration side. ??