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    SQL syntax error: interval bigint etc

    mike beeby Newbie


      I've downloaded the latest Jboss and I'm learning how to move from Hypersonic to Mysql, but I have an SQL syntax error relating to interval bigint etc when I deploy using Mysql. It relates to the fact that interval is a reserved word for Mysql. After searching the forums I saw that some of you had overcome this by changing interval to intervals in the ejb-deployer.xml file (standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml(?)), but that was on previous versions of Jboss. The current versions of these files don't contain these words, yet they must be somewhere because I am getting the same error message that other guys have got previously. So my question is where are these words?!?
      (There is a list of reserved words and I thought by adding interval to this list it would suffice, but it has no effect. Or do I have to reboot?)