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    Problem initializing Infinispan in EAP 6.2

    Renato Resende Ribeiro de Oliveira Newbie


      I am having a problem when trying to deploy an application in domain mode.

      My application declares a filter that is declared in web.xml, this filter points to a framework class:

      vraptor/VRaptor.java at master · caelum/vraptor · GitHub


      So, i put the <distributable /> tag on web.xml and starts the server in ha mode.

      I need the shared session between the cluster nodes, so i look for the infinispan subsystem.

      If the JAR that contains that class mentioned above is in the classpath, the infinispan didn't start correctly, it didn't print the MBean info message.

      If i remove the JAR with this class and the filter reference on web.xml, everything starts normally.


      The org.jboss.as.clustering.infinispan extension has any requirements or restrictions regarding the use of servlet filters or anything like this?

      There is no error messages, it simply doesn't initializes. It seems like the above framework is "blocking" (not intetionally) somehow the correct initialization of the infispan extension.


      Thanks in advance,