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    i18N in processes and tasks

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      We have JBPM5.4 working with our webapplication. Everything works fine in English language, however, now we have a requirement where a customer needs BPMN nodes as well as task names/comments in their language. I used BPMN 2 modeler for eclipse 0.2.7 on Juno to create the BPMN with all Russian characters on BPMN node names and task names. When I added this new process to my knowledge base, it added it fine, however on the initialization of process instance, the task names are coming up as junk characters.


      What I have done from my side is ensure that the persistence.xml has the property set for UTF-8. That hasnt helped so far. Is there anything else that I can do get the task names/comments etc to appear in the required language? Any useful reads will also be helpful.