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    Resource updates complexity

    Maciej Swiderski Master



      working on some management task via RHQ and ran into an issue that seems a bit complex as for such as simple task. Imagine I need to change a size of connection pool in a resource group - JBoss AS7. So to do so following needs to be performed:

      • disable data source
      • update max pool size configuration
      • reload the server config
      • enable data source

      whenever I tried only change config the update always fails with error message that the data source must be disabled first. Similar was with enable, I would not enable it until server reload of the configuration was performed.


      Is this by design or can it be somehow reconfigured to allow easy and fast change to be done on resource configuration?

      I am not saying that change should be immediately visible/applied so server reload/restart would be still needed but it can be scheduled at some later point in time.


      Same config change can done be easily via JBoss AS management console or JBoss CLI - meaning only change to the max connection pool size and no need to disable or enable data source.


      Thanks in advance