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    Render problem of rich:extendedDataTable within tabpanel

    ameo Novice

      [Version Richfaces 4.3.7 Final]



      I have two rich:tabPanel on a page. Within each rich:tabPanel there is an rich:extendedDataTable.

      The switchType of both tabPanel is "ajax".


      Tabpanel A

        - Tab A.1

             - Content

        - Tab A.2

             - ExtendedDatatable


      Tabpanel B

        - Tab B.1

            - Content

        - Tab B.2

            - ExtendedDatatable


      The following Situation:

      Tabpanel A.2 is active

      Tabpanel B.2 is active


      Now when I switch

           Panel B.2 to B.1,  the rich:extendedDataTable on Panel A.2 disappears.

      or  Panel A.2 to A.1,  the rich:extendedDataTable on Panel B.2 disappears.


      Do you know a workaround for this ? It seems to be a richfaces bug ?

      Greetings, ameo