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    Picketlink DefaultLoginCredentials no body writer on Tomee Rest service

    Rentius Engelbrecht Newbie

      I'm following the Picketlink quickstart guide.

      I've created a login Rest sevice on Tomee 1.7 for users. It Consumes the contentType that is provided by the quickstart guide. (application/x-authc-username-password+json) It takes the Picketlink Defaultlogincredentials object as a parameter.

      When I pass in the json object from the UI I get the followong error; No message body writer has been found for response class Defaultlogincredentials.

      I've also tried setting the contentType to application/json.

      The Rest service doesn't know how to parse the content into the object.

      I've looked through the pom.xml and the quickstart project to see if I missed a dependency or a config setting. The difference is that the quickstart runs on jboss and I'm trying on tomee.

      How do I get the Rest service on Tomee to parse the content into the Defaultlogincredentials object?