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    Unwanted UPDATE after doing a SELECT

    paul WEBER Newbie

      In Jboss3.2.3 when doing a select via ejb-ql on a entityBean, in the server log in DEBUG mode i see:
      DEBUG [org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.jdbc.JDBCStoreEntityCommand.FolderBean] Executing SQL: UPDATE T_FOLDER SET CREATION_DATE=? WHERE FOLDER_ID=?
      -- CREATION_DATE is declared as java.sql.Date
      Using ms sqlserveur2000.
      type mapping is :

      Problem : it update the date fields and no modification was done on any value of the EntityBean.
      HOW can i prevent this unwanted update to happen?
      On small amount of records, it's not a problem, but with more than 5.000 records its consume time.

      HELP !!!!