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    ModeShape Multiple Binary Storage Location

    Mustafa Mizrak Newbie



      We want to store files in versionable nodes. Our application needs to store large numbers of documents with large storage requirements. Sometimes, we need to relocate "data" in different physical storages. In other words, I mean we need to move files from a physical storage to another periodically for disk staging.


      External storages can be used for large storages but it does not support "versionable". We want to locate "binaries" between external storages since single disk is not enough to store all data/dcouments as well as performance requirements.


      Is there any idea to handle that problem?



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          Randall Hauch Master

          Binary values are always stored in the binary store, and this is true even if your nodes are "mix:versionable". So which binary store you pick is completely independent of whether or not you use versioning.


          But please be aware that JCR versioning has some usability limitations: older versions do not appear in the node structure is an easily accessible manner, but rather accessing older versions requires using the VersionHistory interface. Also, JCR versioning basically creates snapshots, so it's not necessarily more efficient than if your application explicitly manage its own version structure via copies.


          OTOH, if you're talking about federation and using external sources, then you are right that federation does not support versioning. Again, you might want to consider using something other than JCR versioning.

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