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    Problems debugging kie drools workbench 6.1.0.Final

    Javier Perez Newbie

      Hi everybody, I'm trying to debug kie drools workbench 6.1.0.Final, I select "kie-drools-wb-webapp" Project -> Debug As -> Debug on Server, then I select the server (Jboss or Tomcat), I add resources (kie-drools-wb-webapp) and the server is successfully started. At this moment I've got the web application started in a tab in Eclipse (with this url: http://localhost:8080/kie-drools-wb-webapp) and the state of the Server is Debugging / Synchronized but when I make login, the breakpoints are never activated.

      I've got several breakpoints, for example in the Home Page in the KieDroolsWorkbenchEntryPoint.java in the function startApp but the application doesn't stop at this breakpoints.

      Please, anyone knows why the breakpoints are not activated?.


      Thanks and regards.