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    kie workbench - changing front end, look, layout etc.

    Mariusz Adamczyk Newbie



      Is it possible to change UI console look (only look, all features untouched)?
      How does look of kie-wb depends on drools, uberfire, ... (other related projects)?
      Do other projects are used during buildng workbench?
      Is building changed workbench demands changing other projects and refering to those changed versions?


      While building workbench from source code many modules are downloaded from the Internet repos (i assume that after looking into pom.xml's).
      So if I want to change look style does it mean i have to copy repo, change some things inside repo and then publish it in the Internet and change project .xml  dependencies?

      Btw. if i want to change some picture or color do i also need to change Internet repos? (i know how to do it using ready .war file, but i want to have changes saved for every build).


      I'm thinking about creating my own repos copies and refer to them inside project .xmls. Is it a good idea or is it complitly wrong approach?



      Thanks for all anserws.

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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Mariusz,

          I think that you are on the right track but you are still struggling with the maven and maven repos concepts.

          If you want to make changes in the look and feel you can change each project, for that I recommend you to fork the projects in github.

          Because maven will check first in your own local repository to see if you have a local version of each artefact, if you change and build it locally, maven will pick up yours first than the one provided in the maven servers. because we are u sing snapshot versions (daily builds) you will need to compile your changed components every day that you want to build your own version.

          In order to build your own version you need to clone the kie-wb-distributions repository and then build the kie-wb project. As you mention this download all the modules which sources are located in other repositories for example: jbpm-console-ng, drools-wb for the bpm and rules modules respectively.


          Can you elaborate a little bit on what kind of changes are you looking to make?



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            Mariusz Adamczyk Newbie

            Mauricio thank you for quick respone.

            I have also one other question and one idea:
            1) Does workbench has some other build-in look styles or what are possible default looks (is there only one motiv)? Does user can somehow change look of workbench (not from .css or other xml files but from inside workbench running on server)?


            2) Maybe it would be easier for me to decompile/unzip .war file, find .css, classes etc. change them manually and replace them inside .war file?
            Maybe it is easier to change look this way then forking on github with dependencies which I not clearly understand?


            Btw. I would be delighted if it is possible to somehow change look into something like Liferay style (2 videos on site http://www.liferay.com/products/liferay-portal/features/portal).

            Is it possible to simple change .css etc to get another look?
            I'm afraid about loosing functionality of jBPM (if i mess inside .war), I want to change look only.



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              Mariusz Adamczyk Newbie

              Is it also possible to just simple replce all default settings with my .css etc?
              Is there any documentation about changing look (i found only doc. about using workbench)?