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    One post per hour

    eminkevich Newbie

      I came across the limitation of being able to post only once per hour:


      "Not allowed to post content more than once every 3600 seconds."


      Isn't it a bit discouraging - surely not everyone has the ability to check the forums hourly?


      For myself - I would prefer to be able to skim through all the topics and post answers (if I have any) in one go.

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          Jaikiran Pai Master

          Yes, I think it's a bit too extreme. It applies only for new users although I'm not sure. It was implemented to tackle spammers but I think it isn't implemented in an optimal way since it ends up annoying more genuine users than really fixing the spamming problem. This was brought up earlier too but I don't know if anything was done of it. I've moved this topic to Website forum which is where the jboss.org team hangs around.