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    Pb stopping/starting instances from console

    Jean-Pierre RIO Newbie

      Hi all,

      We had a domain with 3 server groups in JB 7.2 and a domain controller in JB 7.2. Sor far no problems. We just upgraded our DC to WF 8.1.0.Final and added a server group in WF 8.1. We now have problems with the 'runtime/overview' screen from the console : sometimes (???) the buttons to control the instances or the server groups are not present ('Stop server', 'Start server', 'Stop group', ...) and sometimes they are present. Also, sometimes, when going to the next page of the server instances, we have the following error :


      Authorisation Required

      You don't have the permissions to access this resource!


      I'm logged in as Admin, and the RBAC is not activated.


      Thank you for your help, this one is a blocker for us.