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    Configuration of Infinispan Server 6.0.2: Externalizers

    David Novak Newbie



      I have been using Ispn 6.0.2 as embedded store but now I need to switch to server mode (via HotRod); I am not a JBoss master. I downloaded the Ispn Server and I am trying to orient in its configuration (starting from the .../standalone/configuration/standalone.xml). I managed to modify the basic settings of the store:

      <local-cache name="default" start="EAGER">

         <eviction strategy="LRU"  max-entries="10000"/>

         <file-store name="local-ssd" passivation="false" shared="false" purge="false" fetch-state="true" relative-to="/data-ssd4/..." path="tmp.dat"/>


      but I cannot find out how to configure the externalizers, which was done like this using pure Infinispan:



                <advancedExternalizer externalizerClass="MyExternalizerClass"/>...


      Please, somebody help me, the documentation is very simple.


      Another thing is that the default configuration .../standalone/configuration/standalone.xml contains tons of module configuration that I don't need and it's relatively difficult to cut them out correctly. Does not exist an example config just for Infinispan cache + HotRod connector?


      Thank you very much