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    Arquillian with WAS Remote - CDI Beans not getting injected

    Kurt Reinke Newbie

      I'm trying to make the standard Arquillian Greeting example work with the WAS 8 Remote adapter.  I'm doing all my testing under RSA 9 and I'm not using Maven.  I'm pretty sure I've figured out all the jars that are required and I was able to create the Greeting test, deploy it, and invoke the test from RSA's JUnit runner.  The WAS 8 adapter requires a Web or Enterprise archive so that is how I packaged it up. 


      The test fires and works except that the Greeting Bean does not get injected; that results in a null pointer being thrown.  Clearly I'm missing something but can't determine what.  I've attached the WAR that Shrinkwrap creates to this post, along with other relevant information,  Would appreciate it if anyone can see what I've failed to do.