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    SP Protected servlet called in isCommitted state

    Kirk Maskalenko Newbie

      I am using a servlet protected with Picketlink 2.6.1 Service Provider (Redirect) to authenticate with an OpenAM Idp. After authentication, the service servlet is called twice, once in a isCommitted state and once not in a isCommitted state. I would expect the servlet to be called only once after authentication is complete and not in the isCommitted state.  Do I need to make provision in my servlet to handle this situation or is this a bug?  I have attached a sample servlet. I am using a tomcat 7 container with the picketlink-tomcat7 binding.


      Servlet Code:

      // doGet get called twice when SAML authentication occurs

          public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)

                  throws ServletException, IOException {

              System.out.println("In my servlet");




              if (!response.isCommitted()) {


              } else {

                  System.out.println("How did we get here?");