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    JBPM6 GIT: Location and default folder

    Marco Cattarin Newbie


      I'm still new at using JBPM6 and today I was wondering about its GIT repository.

      Is it possible to specify another repository to be used instead of the internal one and what is the resources (process definitions etc...) default location on the FileSystem?

      These questions are related to our infrastructure. I would like to know if it's feasible to move the process definitions storage to another server, without beeing forced to keep everything on the same machine.

      So far I've found out that using VFS is it possible to share the resources with other machines but this is not exactly what I was looking for. In that case, if I'm not mistaken, the resources would still be written on the JBPM Server filesystem but what I'm grasping for it's relocating them to another machine (I.E. a NAS).


      Thanks in advance!