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    Issue in configuring audit/logging with jBPM5

    Myank Jain Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to configure the audit/logging component of jBPM5 with one of my workflow application. I am using jbpm library version of 5.5.0.Final for jbpm-human-task-core, jbpm-bpmn2, jbpm-persistence-jpa components. But while configuring the same version (5.5.0.Final) for jbpm-audit module is resulting me in build failure exception saying "Could not resolve dependencies for project ". I understand that required dependency for jbpm-audit is not available into central maven repository.


      I have verified the central repository and able to find only version 6.0.x. for jbpm-audit module. My queries are

      1. whether it is compatible to use the 6.0.x version of jbpm-audit lib with jbpm 5.5.0.Final other jars?

      2. Is there any example/blog or link is available which can point me into right direction?