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    Liferay Portal clustering over Jboss AS7 on Amazon Ec2

    rahul bhardwaj Newbie

      Hi Everybody,


      I am trying to setup a clustered Liferay Portal app on a group of Jboss AS7 instances (3 nodes) on Amazon Ec2. I am little confuse in what software's i need to use to implement this approach.


      Let me explain my approach: 

      1) I will make a cluster of 3 Jboss AS7 (1.0.final) instances. I will use tcp S3ping module to make it happen on Amazon Ec2 (multicast doesn't work there).

      2) I will install the Liferay portal (6.2) app on all 3 Jboss instances in the cluster.

      3) I will setup a shared Liferay portal database that will be accessed (read/updated) by Jboss instances concurrently.

      4) I will use Jackrabbit for  managing the concurrent access to the Liferay portal database. This requires me to configure  again the Jboss instances as jackrabbit cluster nodes.


      I doubt the clustering required is either on the Jboss side (s3ping) or on Jackrabbit side (content repository) and not 2 times.  Please correct me if its required on both side.




      I need to give this setup to my Product team very urgently. Please advice. I really appreciate.