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    Errai Navigation and @PageState

    pgy Newbie



      I try a simple example with Navigation feature, a simple view with a label which display the page parameter:


      @Page(path = "test", role = DefaultPage.class)
      public class TestView extends Composite {   
          @PageState private Integer cnt;
          interface Binder extends UiBinder<Widget, TestView> {
              Binder UIBINDER = GWT.create(Binder.class);
          @UiField Label value;
          public TestView() {
          public void onPageShowing() {


      The first time the page is called ( #test;cnt=1 for example) everything is ok, but if I change the value of "cnt" ( #test;cnt=6 for example), the onPageShowing method seems to be never called.


      How can I "intercept" the change of the page parameter value, but staying on the same view ?

      Thanks for your help.


      Errai version: 3.0.2.Final

      GWT version: 6.1