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    Render not working on a4j component in special case - RF 4.3.7

    Franck Gasparotto Newbie


      I have got a bug with render on a4j request under RF 4.3.7 - MyFaces 2.2.4

      I have got 3 a4j components (2 functions and 1 commandLink) in the same form

      1. the save Function send all components of the form
      2. the calculDate Function, is a onchange function. it adds 6 months to the date1 and render the result in date2
      3. the commandLink Button multiply amount1 by 1000 and render te result in amount2

      All the inputs are required.



      To reproduce the bug :

      1. I fill all the inputs except amount1 and click on save : the validation fail
      2. i change date1, the onchange is triggered, date2 is well calculated but the rendering keep the old value
      3. i change amount1 and click the calculate link the action is triggered but the rendering keep the old value


      the thing is :

      An input is part of the execute attribute of a 1sta4j component and is also in the render attribute of a 2nda4j component.

      If the 1st-request validation failed then triggering the 2nd a4j component will result in the incapicity to render properly the input executed in the first request.

      To get back the 2nd a4j component work well, i have got to reload the page.


      I attached my source code to reproduce the bug.