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    Security of CMP

    Artem Golubev Newbie

      Let us have table1 = (id int, text char(20)), where id is primary key.
      Imagine the situation, that user1 asked access to table1 with id=1
      and it was created a CMP bean, that contains data for this row.
      Is it possible, that some user2 can access to this CMP object?

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          Scott Stark Master

          The j2ee security model is role based and does not allow for constraints based on state of the call or target object. This can be done using a custom security interceptor in the ejb container.

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            Craig Berry Newbie

            To clarify a bit, that it is role-based is a non sequitur; one could easily imagine (and not-quite-so-easily implement) role based access rules based on entity values.

            The point is that the out-of-the-box EJB security model offers only control at the bean class level -- that is, users in role X can see beans of type Y but not Z.