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    Call remote ejb on wildfly 8.0 without jboss dependencies in classpath

    Jørgen Ringen Newbie

      I'm running a very simple remote ejb on a Wildfly 8.0 server. I'm trying to call the ejb from a standalone client.

      I've downloaded the wildly quickstart from https://github.com/wildfly/quickstart/tree/master/ejb-remote and it runs fine.

      However, I don't want any dependencies to jboss in my client.

      The only examples I've found for calling a remote ejb running on wildfly has dependencies to jboss. You need jboss-ejb-client.properties or EJBClientConfiguration, a dependency to jboss-ejb-client and a dependency to jboss-ejb-api_3.2_spec.

      I thought it was possible to do this with the standard JavaEE API without any specific appserver dependencies in my client.

      Am I wrong?