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    How can we debug plugins (and other modules) in Wildfly?

    Andrew Fritz Newbie

      I'm attempting (for more than 2 weeks) to create a simple authorization plugin. I've followed the instructions here: Plug Ins - WildFly 8 - Project Documentation Editor I've checked and rechecked what I did and have even tried using the example plugin. Nothing works and there is no indication what is going on at all.


      I never see log output from my plugin. Breakpoints in my plugin never happen. I see no output in the wildfly log about loading models at all. Wildfly is worlds better than previous jboss version, but a trivial problem (using a custom backing store for authentication) has turned into a TOTAL NIGHTMARE.


      How do I enable logging for the extension system so I can tell if wildfly is even loading my plugin? How are we suppose to debug problems when the system seems to swallow everything and gives no feedback?!?!?!?1?1?!?!?