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    Wildfly 8.1.0 Domain Setup not working.

    Cassius Vinicius Newbie



      I'm following "Domain Setup" (Domain Setup - WildFly 8 - Project Documentation Editor).


      I have three servers each one on different sites:

      1) host name: dom

      2) host name: no01

      3) host name: no02

      I'm using SSH tunnels to communicate between theses hosts and with my workstation.

      Host dom is Domain Controller.

      Host no01 and no02 are slave hosts.

      I connect to each one by ssh.

      I use the following command on dom host: service wildfly start

      I use the following command on hosts no01 and no02 to start the tunnel for communication with the host controller on dom host: ssh -f -N wildfly

      Next, I start wildfly on no01 and no02: service wildfly start

      Next, on my workstation I do: ssh -f -N wildfly

      I open the browser on the following URL:

      Finally, I do logon and then I only see master host, I don't see the others hosts that should be managed by domain/master host. On Domain menu, I see only host: master; on Runtime menu, I see "Server:not-set"; and on the messages, I see: "The selected server is not running: not-set"

      Attached the configuration files:

      1. file dom-domain.xml is /opt/wildfly/domain/configuration/domain.xml on dom host;
      2. file dom-host-master.xml is /opt/wildfly/domain/configuration/host-master.xml on dom host;
      3. file dom-wildfly is /etc/default/wildfly on dom host;
      4. file no01-config is /root/.ssh/config on no01 host;
      5. file no01-domain.xml is /opt/wildfly/domain/configuration/domain.xml on no01 host;
      6. file no01-host-slave.xml is /opt/wildfly/domain/configuration/host-slave.xml on no01 host;
      7. file no01-wildfly is /etc/default/wildfly on no01 host;
      8. file no02-config is /root/.ssh/config on no02 host;
      9. file no02-domain.xml is /opt/wildfly/domain/configuration/domain.xml on no02 host;
      10. file no02-host-slave.xml is /opt/wildfly/domain/configuration/host-slave.xml on no02 host;
      11. file no02-wildfly is /etc/default/wildfly on no02 host;
      12. file workstation-config is /root/.ssh/config on workstation.


      Obviously, all these are not the final/production configuration.


      Anyone knows the right configuration for Domain Setup, please?