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    Upgrading MBean from JBoss 3.2.0 to JBoss 5.1


      I have an MBean that starts some schedulers once my application is started. In other words the MBean has a few dependencies. I am trying to port this to JBoss 5.1. I cannot find a good example on how to do this. The only issue I am having is getting the dependencies to start before the MBean starts. Here is my -service.xml which is located in the deploy directory.

       <classpath codebase="." archives="appserver-jboss.jar"/>
       <mbean code="com.mycompany.jboss.startup.StartupService" name="jboss:type=Service, name=MyStartupService">

      I am now using EJB3 beans. I am trying to find out how the syntax should be written for jndiName which is the 3rd dependency. I need my datasource to be started also which is the 2nd dependency. Do I need the 1st dependency? Thanks.