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    Need a little more info on how to install a custom JAAS module so it can be accessed globally.

    Marlin Johnson Newbie

      I can't quite wrap my head around how to make my custom JAAS module accessible to any application that I deploy on the web server.  I found an example of how to create and run one an element of the deployed war at this blog http://www.radcortez.com/custom-principal-and-loginmodule-for-wildfly/ and it worked great.  Now I just need a little support on where and how to get this set up as a global module that all my deployments can use.


      I have done this on Glassfish (I know, I know) by editing the login.conf file and placing the jar in the correct place.  I am hoping that it is just that easy with wildfly, but even after reading all of the documentation and searching the web I can't quite understand where to place the jar and what to put the in the standalone.xml file and/or other config files.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to get the ball rolling on a migration from Glassfish to wildfly and I need all of these tricky bits worked out before I can finish my proposal.