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    Unable to start jboss

    Neetha Lokanath Newbie



      I am trying to install jboss 6.2 eap , i get the below error in the log. Can anybody pls help. 

      I have set jdk, jboss path in environment variables.


      05:05:54,480 INFO  [org.jboss.modules] (main) JBoss Modules version 1.3.0.Final-redhat-2

      05:05:54,870 ERROR [stderr] (main) JBAS015801: Invalid option '--StopMode=exe'



      05:05:54,885 INFO  [stdout] (main)



      05:05:54,885 INFO  [stdout] (main) Usage: standalone [args...]



      05:05:54,885 INFO  [stdout] (main) where args include:



      05:05:54,885 INFO  [stdout] (main)     --admin-only                        Set the server's running type to



      05:05:54,885 INFO  [stdout] (main)                                         ADMIN_ONLY causing it to open



      05:05:54,885 INFO  [stdout] (main)                                         administrative interfaces and accept



      05:05:54,901 INFO  [stdout] (main)                                         management requests but not start other



      05:05:54,901 INFO  [stdout] (main)                                         runtime services or accept end user



      05:05:54,901 INFO  [stdout] (main)                                         requests