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    Source code lookup for Arquillian tests

    Emond Papegaaij Newbie

      Hi all,


      We are using Arquillian to test (parts of) our application on an actual (managed) Wildfly 8.1 server. For testing, this is great, but debugging problems turns out to be very difficult. We've found that the easiest way to be able to set breakpoints in the code is to start Wildfly in debug mode from Eclipse and let Arquillian deploy the testcase on that container. However, source code lookup does not work at all. When a breakpoint is triggered, you always get the 'Source not found'-screen. The 'Edit Source Lookup Path' only shows jboss-modules.jar, src.zip (from the jdk) and the JBoss Source Container. Even if I explicitly add the java project containing the source file, Eclipse still doesn't show the source.


      For now, we've found a partial workaround: add the application under testing to the container without starting it. This way at least the source code for our application's classes can be resolved, however for most test-classes, the source is still missing. Also, it's not very practical to have a stopped application deployed on your container, because it is started every time you restart the container. Is there a way to get source code lookup working with Arquillian tests in Eclipse without having to resort to workarounds like this?


      Best regards,

      Emond Papegaaij