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    RF 4.5.0.Beta2 rich:fileUpload does not work in IE9

    M S Newbie

      Moving from RF4.3 to RF4.5, I noticed that the rich:fileUpload component stopped working for IE9.  IE9 does not support the File API, and while I see that some of the JavaScript for the file upload control does try to do a bit of feature detection, it still winds up throwing some exceptions (file.name is undefined and then the code tries to perform .match on undefined).


      Is there any plan on supporting browsers that do not implement the File API?  The file upload control in RF4.3.7 worked for just about every browser I tried it on, though I can see that the RF4.5.0 file upload control is a lot nicer (thanks to File API).  Is this something I should file a defect about?


      Edit: At the very least, maybe fileupload.js could do something like if(window.File && window.FileReader ...) and error out nicely as opposed to dying.