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    How to establish jBPM on serwer?

    Mariusz Adamczyk Newbie



      I'm running jBPM on localhost:8080.
      How to establish jBPM in network (I'm trying to run it inside LAN).


      I run jBPM on localhost:8080 computer A.
      I have a LAN.

      I type on computer B internet browser xx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080  (xes are normal numbers of A's ip).
      Shuld jBPM run like that?


      Other applications (not jBPM) that use .war files run that way on every computer in my LAN.


      Does jBPM is dedicated  to run only locally?



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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Mariusz,

          That's not even a jBPM question, that is more a JBoss or even any Web Server question.

          In order to access it from another computer you need to bind it to the LAN interface instead of the Localhost (loopback) interface.

          In order to do that, you need to start jboss with the -b option and add your local IP address.

          If you are using the ant.start demo command you will need to modify the internal command that start jboss to add that parameter.