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    Custom jboss-esb.xml Schema

    Chad Sturtz Newbie

      I'm looking for a way to reduce duplication in our jboss-esb configuration. We have a set of common actions that virtually every service is configured with (for things like logging, security, etc). I'm looking for a way to reduce our lines of xml configuration and ease development a bit by removing this duplication. I'm interested in being able to define my own schema so that I could write custom-defined elements that would automatically invoke a pre-defined set of actions without those actions having to be explicitly called out in the xml configuration itself.




      1. Would something like this be possible?

      2. If so, are there any known resources (documentation, etc) that I could use to get started?




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          Tom Cunningham Master

          Hi Chad,


          Something like this has been asked for a few times, but I think design intention was that services be reused.    


          I guess you have a few options :


          - define a base class action that your other action classes inherit from and work in some of these things

          - include filter tokens in your jboss-esb.xml to represent the common actions and then expand them at build time

          - create a common service and have your other services call it for logging, etc


          I know those probably aren't options you are looking for but there's no #include for jboss-esb.xml.