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    Jbpm 6.1.0.Final Standard Looping Characteristics and is collection not working.

    Soumya Bose Newbie

      For Looping characteristics,


      In my bpmn model I have a Human Task node. In that Human Task node I have checked 'Standard Looping Characteristics'. Then I have checked the option 'Test Before' and have put the value as 'true'

      in the expression box for loopCondition and have put the value as '3' in the condition expression box for loopMaximum. In this human task's on entry script I am simply initiating the value of a process

      variable i as 0. Then in the on exit script of the human task I am incrementing the value of i by 1 and next to the human task I have a script task. which will print the final value of i.


      My expectation is that the script task at the end will print 3. But as looping is not working so the human task is executing only once and printing 1 instead of 3.


      For is collection,


      In my bpmn model I have a process variable called output (type Integer). I have a Human task in loop (will execute 2 times), where I have an output variable called opVar (type Integer isCollection=true). I have then assigned the opVar to target process variable (output). In a script task I am printing the value of 'output'. I am providing the value of 'opVar' each time while completing the task.


      My expectation is that the opVar will print as a collection of all the opVars I supplied at the time of completing a task i.e [2, 3]. But it is only printing the latest one i.e 3.


      After doing some google, I have found a bug 'https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=406411' related to standard looping characteristics. Is this resolved now or still an issue?


      Has any one have used any of the the above two use cases? If yes can you please provide working samples / examples on how to use that? Any help will be really appreciated.