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    Wildfly and XAP Global HTTP Session Sharing

    Marcos Filho Newbie

      Hello guys,


      We are using XAP Global HTTP Session Sharing. This solution allows us to share http session between different webapps in different application servers and so on.

      This is a overview of the solution http://docs.gigaspaces.com/xap100/global-http-session-sharing.html


      This solution works fine on Tomcat, Jetty, Websphere, Jboss7  but it doenst work on wildly8.1.0 neither wildly9 alpha2.


      I know it is hard for anyone to tell what  the issue is because it is a private solution and we have no details on its implementation. But of course Im working with XAP support team on this.


      Basically I dont expect to get your help to resolve this issue but actually to collect some information.


      Having said that, I wonder what could have changed on the session manager from Jboss7 to Wildfly that could have had impact on the solution causing the issue?

      Does anybody have any clue?