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    Lookup and injecting EJBs

    Dirk Buchhorn Newbie

      We currently want to port a "ProcessFramework" from JBoss 5 to Wildfly. The framework schedules processes and starts them with a configuration.

      A deployed process was manually registered over the full process class name (one ClassLoader for the framework and all processes). After registration a process configuration must be created. After this a process could be scheduled. If a schedule event  occurs the framework create a new process instance and the created object are injected with environment objects (EJBs are injected too). In the past the JNDI name can be specified and we use the mappedName attribute from the EJB annotation to lookup the resource. But in EE6 the JNDI name conversation has changed and now the app name, the module name, the bean name and the full interface name is requiered.


      Question 1: Is it posible to let wildfly inject a new instantiated object? Maybe over a Wildfly class.


      Question 2: If the app and/or module name contains a version info, how to lookup an EJB without to know the currently deployed version?


      Question 3: How to lookup an EJB if only the interface class is known?


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