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    How to control the response timeout / size as response data got clipped randomly with in proxy

    noboundaries Newbie

      Require to print data from a object(list/String) that has 2500+ records into HTML format.  Having a JSP to print the report that receives the object from a java helper class.   Jboss 5.1GA/Jdk 1.7.0_55.


      Dev local environment


      It works with localhost (http://locathost/app/report.jsp). All 2500+ records got printed. But with the same machine if replaced by IP (http://<ip address>/app/report.jsp), can only get the partial data printed. The number of records(data) printed/clipped varies on every run.


      Production environment

      Got all records printed when tried from static IP(direct Internet) machines. In LAN, with in the proxy obtain only partial records printed. Not only for our network, client also experience the same if they run with in the proxy.


      Tried by increasing the buffer size(<%@page buffer="xxxkb"%>) but same result. Is there any way to configure the response size / connection timeout in Jboss. 




      Please suggest any directions!