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    configuring hbase cachestore for infinispan REST api

    Damian Pooley Newbie



      My goal is to have the out of the box infinispan (server 6.0.2) REST api use the HBase cachestore, or the REST api war (as is documented, but am unable to find any rest war in any 6 download).


      What is the way to do this?


      I have tried adding the loader configuration into the standalone.xml file - which does not work (XSDs) and did find a thread about doing the same thing with Cassandra and a module zip was supplied and a comment to the effect of 'build it into your own application' - which I don't want to do as the REST api exists already.


      Is the rest module, modules/system/layers/base/org/infinispan/server/rest, where I should be looking? Would placing an infinispan.xml into the work? (have tried... how to verify? what is expected to appear in logs on server startup that the connection is good/bad?)


      Where can I find the REST api war that the documentation alludes to?


      Thanks for your assistance !