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    Fuse Fabric zookeeper bind address

    Rafael Soares (Tuelho) Novice

      Is possible to set a fixed network address for zookeeper in Fuse Fabric?

      I noticed that every time the host IP address changes the Fabric bind address changes and all the Fabric (root and child container) become unstable. Some times I have to delete my containers and create again or even create a new clean fabric.


      I used to change the zookeeper url manually:


      config:edit io.fabric8.zookeeper
      config:propset zookeeper.url <hostname>:2181


      Is that the default behavior? How it works? How about host with multiple network interfaces (a common case in production environments)?

      It appears zookeeper listen for IP changes.


      I would appreciate any explanation or reference to better understand the Fabric's network behavior.


      kind regards.