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    JBoss Dead but PID File exists

    Dok Nik Newbie

      Our JBOSS EAS application tier servers seem to be behaving erratically.

      We are runnuning Jboss AS 7.1.1 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 running on VMware VSphere 6.1

      Typically what happens is that we have 2 servers load balanced, but when we restart both server they seem to run for a while and the jboss dies on one of he servers abruptly with error message "jboss dead but pid file exists"

      My observations are that

      1.when jboss starts , while booting CPU usage goes as high as 199% until it completes and then reduces drastically to normal usage. Memeory usage remains OK though


      2. Jboss sometimes works when the second jboss node is started first , then after a few minutes say 30 minutes or so , the first jboss node is started and then they can all co-exists and work nicely without throwing the errors on one of the nodes error is "jboss dead but pid file exists"


      I have looked at all logs ie server.log, console.log and system logs ie /var/log/messages but found nothing I have googled but found nothing

      Iindications from application developers are that Jboss may be struggling with CPU resources.I have checked swap etc but it seems ok

      I wonder if its a misconfiguration issue too like ehcache.xml or standalone.xml or standalone.conf Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks