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    mod_cluster : Need details on CreateBalancers directive

    John Jerome Newbie



      I have read the documentation about the 'CreateBalancers' directive but I can't figure out what the difference is between option 0 et 2.


      Even with multiple VHosts on my server, all balancers are create on all VHosts with both options.


      Here is my configuration:



      LoadModule proxy_module modules/mod_proxy.so

      LoadModule proxy_ajp_module modules/mod_proxy_ajp.so

      LoadModule cluster_slotmem_module modules/mod_cluster_slotmem.so

      LoadModule manager_module modules/mod_manager.so

      LoadModule proxy_cluster_module modules/mod_proxy_cluster.so

      LoadModule advertise_module modules/mod_advertise.so


      MemManagerFile /var/tests/p3_cluster/apache_2.4/run/


      <IfModule manager_module>


      CustomLog "|/soft/apache2.4/bin/rotatelogs /var/tests/p3_cluster/cluster_access_%Y%m%d.log 86400" combined

      ErrorLog "|/soft/apache2.4/bin/rotatelogs /var/tests/p3_cluster/cluster_error_%Y%m%d.log 86400"


      # CreateBalancers 0

      CreateBalancers 2


      #ProxyPass / balancer://loadbalancer/

      #ProxyPass /jboss balancer://mybalancer/jboss

      #ProxyPassMatch ^(/SoucheJBossEdfTest/souche.html)$ !





                      ServerName jj.test.com


                      <Directory />

                              Require all granted



                      ServerAdvertise off

                      EnableMCPMReceive on

                      MaxKeepAliveRequests 0

                      KeepAliveTimeout 60


                      <Location /mod_cluster-manager>

                              SetHandler mod_cluster-manager

                              Require all granted







      Thank you for your explanation.



      PS: I am using mod_cluster-1.3.0.Final