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    Resolving Composite Properties in Camel Bean

    Dennis Bohnstedt Hansen Newbie



      Im having issues with resolving Composite Properties in a bean called from a flow in a Camel Component. If i resolve the property in the flow itself, using this node:


      <log message="My property: ${properties:messagelog.flow.name}" />

      Everything works fine. But when i call a bean from a Camel flow using the bean component ( <simple>${bean:MyBean.resolveMyProperty}</simple> ), i can't locate the property anywhere in either Message, Exchange or CamelContext. I've tried several approaches:





      ... And so on, but the property is nowhere to be found. How do i get to my property? :-)


      On a side note, what i really wanted to do, was get some way to get to the composites name (sca:composite name="My Composite Name"...), but haven't found any way to get to that. Is that possible?