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    Sql with wrong columnname in one-to-many association

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      I have a one-to-many association between class A and class C, class C  is derived from class B. Class A is Audited, class C is not.

      B and C are in one table (strategy = InheritanceType.SINGLE_TABLE), with a discrimator in a column named "type".  There are several  other classes derived from B.


      Class A has a member "allMyC" of type Set<C>, which holds the association. As C is not audited, this member of  A is marked with @Audited(targetAuditMode = RelationTargetAuditMode.NOT_AUDITED). Furthermore, as I want only the Cs, no other subclasses of B, this member is also marked with @Where(clause = "TYPE = 'TypeC'").

      The audit-table for the relation is @AuditJoinTable(name = "A_C_AUD")

      So far so good.


      Now when I have an older (audited) revision of class A and try to access allMyC of this revision, the generated sql reads like:


      <several columns>


              A_C_AUD acaud0_,

              C c0_



                  acaud0_.TYPE = 'TypeC'


              and c0_.TYPE='TypeC'

              and acaud0_.id=c0_.id

              and acaud0_.A_ID=?

              and acaud0_.REV=(




                      A_C_AUD acaud02_



                         acaud2_.TYPE = 'TypeC'


                      and acaud2_.REV<=?

                      and acaud0_.A_id=acaud2_.A_ID

                      and acaud0_.id=acaud2_.id


              and acaud0_.REVTYPE<>?


      My problem is in the bold lines:

      There the SQL tries to read a column "TYPE" in the auditing table of the association (which doesn't exist, there's only a "TYPE" column in the table of C), thus producing an sql Error .


      When (for test purposes) I leave out the @Where(clause = "TYPE = 'TypeC'") annotation of allMyC, the generated SQl is correct (it's just the same as above, without the boldly marked lines).


      What can I do when I want to keep the where-clause? I'm using hibernate envers 4.2.4.


      Any hints appreciated.