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    How do I deploy a route into a fabric from process which isn't a Fabric Container?

    Philip Cootey Newbie

      I am trying to deploy a Http Proxy route, using RouteBuilder, to Fuse from Glassfish, by hooking into ServletContextListner.  The strategy is to register the route on a fabric when the listener starts.


      I can't find any examples out there which would show me how to get the route into the fabric from a process which isn't a Fabric Container.  The closest thing I have identified is the code in FabricLoadBalancerFeature




      The workflow I imagine is the ServletContextListner is called, I get configure the route with RouteBuilder, I target the fabric (somehow), and then deploy the route to the fabric (somehow).  On the end event of the listener I would remove it.


      There may be similar attempts out there which don't use spring which use a non-jboss container to register a route on the bus.  Can anyone point me to an example or offer some suggestions.