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    Problem with multiple datasources

    Satish Yellanki Newbie


      We have a JBoss 3.2.6 server running two applications in their own class loaders. Each application has its own Oracle XA datasource.

      We have a staeless session bean in application 1 make a call to statelss session bean in application 2. All the methods in the session bean in app 2 are set as transaction "Required".

      After calling the method in app 2 from app 1, the method in app 1 fails and database changes in app 1 are rolledback, however, the changes in app 2 are committed. I am expecting the changes in app 2 also to be rolled back because the transaction should be propagated to app 2.

      Can anyone help me to see if I am missing anything? Is there anything more I need to do to allow transactions across multiple apps within the same VM?