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    Call start/stop-delivery using management API (ControllerClient) on MDB EJB in a jar packaged in a EAR cannot find the ejb

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      [using jboss EAP 6.3 on windows 7, jdk6]


      I have an ear with the following structure :



      I want to call start/stop-delivery and read-attribute(delivery-active) on the ejb that are deployed.


      I confirmed that I can use the CLI to do that, e.g. :




      Now I want to do the same thing programmatically, from the war, using the client controller, so here is the command I build using ModelNode :


          "address" :
              "deployment" : "ONR-ear.ear",
              "subdeployment" : "ONR-ejb-",
              "subsystem" : "ejb3",
              "message-driven-bean" : "OntMdb"
          "operation" : "stop-delivery"

      Unfortunately, I obtain the following :


          "outcome" : "failed",
          "failure-description" : "JBAS014807: Ressource de gestion '[(\"deployment\" => \"ONR-ear.ear\")]' non trouvée",
          "rolled-back" : true

      How I can address my ejb ?