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    Problems with Session replication in Jboss eap 6.3 and mod_cluster 1.2.6. TimeoutException: JBAS010213 - Acquire locks

    Cesar Rodriguez Newbie

      I have installed and configurated Cluster in JBoss EAP 6.3 with mod_cluster 1.2.6.


      Server 1 ( jboss 6.3 with node name: node1 domain master

      Server 2 ( jboss 6.3 with node name: node2, slave

      Server 3 ( installed httpd and mod_cluster.


      The app is marked with the tag <distributable/> and this is my replication-config in jboss-web.xml












      The cluster running fine with the demo app ClusterWebApp.war; when I shutdown the node 1, the attribute mantain its value in session.

      But when I deployed my app in the Cluster, the operation is unexpected. Sometimes, Initially the app run normally: autenthicated with Active Directory and Oracle's Database, this running fine. But later app run very slow, throwing the ERROR


      JBWEB001018: An exception or error occurred in the container during the request processing: java.lang.RuntimeException: JBAS018060: Exception to acquire ownership of jSAsRbXDgI+x2jnxFHlaFSO2

      Caused by: org.jboss.as.clustering.lock.TimeoutException: JBAS010213: You can not acquire locks default-host/ibSuite/jSAsRbXDgI+x2jnxFHlaFSO2 of cluster


      Previously to that error, the console show the WARN


      WARN  [org.jboss.as.clustering.web.infinispan] (Incoming-16,shared=udp) JBAS010325:Possible concurrency problem: id replicated version 25 is less than or equal to the in-memory version for session GR5VUGp4HwPzWvG8ZnI6xuGQ


      I have adjusted some parameters in the configuration:

      • In the Cache Container web.repl I have set the Lock Timeout from 60000 to

      180000. With the value 60000 the behavior is very bad.

      • In the web mod_cluster, I have set the Sticky Session and Sticky Session Remove to true.