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    The main thread saying "Kenny started in ... time" does not return in case we use the module called "org.jacorb" without saying anything or complaining.

    Ankit Kumar Newbie

      Hi Everyone,


                        I have a bean application which uses the org.jacorb for orb communication. But it is not able to connect to the ORB running on a remote machine. The main thread hangs without saying anything , not even a debug, error or Exception. If the line that tries to connect to ORB is commented out, the "Kenny Started ---" message is shown on the Terminal. I am almost clueless what is going on. Is there any configuration or anything else that I need to do to have org.jacorb working.


      If I remove "org.jacorb" from the dependencies of my application,  the following exception is thrown.


      Class Not found: org/omg/CORBA/INITIALIZE


      In case I have it added to the dependencies of my application, the main thread hangs.


      Please help my application get through the problem and get it connected to ORB.